The Rise Of Interest Rates

Here at The Hensen Team we are sure you are aware already. However the Bank of Canada can finally see home on the horizon. Governor Stephen Poloz and his deputies on the Governing Council rasied the benchmark interest rate a quarter-point to 1.75 per cent on Wednesday, as expected.

The census showed us last fall, hundreds of thousands of Canadians painfully stretch their budgets every month to keep up with housing costs. The census revealed that just under half a million Canadian households with mortgages spend over 50 per cent of their household incomes on shelter costs such as taxes and utilities, but also mortgage payments.

With interest rates rising now, and toughening mortgage rules, homeowners will not be so lucky in the coming few years.     

The Hensen Team wants to remind you that you should not let interest rates interfere with the Real Estate goals you had set out for you. Our team of professionals is hear to help you in everyway possible and ensuring you accomplish what you had planned, because that is important to us.

We want to remind you of our office at 7 Livingston Avenue Grimsby, we have the pleasure of working with A Mortgage Broker and Lawyers who will be of great assistance to you also.

We hope you consider The Hensen Team or recommend us for yours personally, or anyone you may know who has goals, questions or concerns regarding Real Estate!

The Hensen Team

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